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The Vatican on YouTube

The Vatican set up a YouTube channel this past Friday for Pope Benedict to spread teachings and doctrine through the web. (news story here, website here.)

In one of the video sermons, Benedict says, "wise use of communications technology enables communities to be formed in ways that promote the search for the truth, the good, and the beautiful, transcending geographical boundaries and ethical divisions."

While I certainly agree with this point and overall like him quite a bit and enjoyed reading Jesus of Nazareth, something about this bothers me, but I'm not sure why. In a conversation this past weekend with a Catholic, I realized that, while I greatly respect the Catholic church, I am now very opposite them in many ways - far more so than many Protestants are. My distrust and dislike of institutions and religious authority (still very much a part of Protestantism) makes me wonder if actions like this will undermine any attempts that might be made by lower priests towards reforms.

On the other hand, Benedict is a global figure and often is able to describe the love of Christ in a lovely way, so I am glad that through these actions more people will hear the message all over the world.

Does anyone else have thoughts?

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Jesse said...

Thanks for posting on this Nick - I thought it was curious as well, especially that the Pope's entry into the digital world was juxtaposed to Obama's redesigned whitehouse.gov and weekly video addresses. Something about the articles I read struck me as odd....

I can see positives and negatives for sure - more exposure to a really great man of God would be great for the RCC - but it also seems to take away from his "holiness" his "mystery."

It will also depend on what he is going to put on these videos since the last few statements he has made have pissed off various people groups.