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between two worlds

here is a thought that has been rolling around in my head for some time now and would love some dialogue about it. "many of our kids are in between both the modern world and postmodern world," at least that is what i'm being told. but I have a tendency to think that the teens in our community are more postmodern than modern. how do I go about determining that or do I? hope this makes sense.

This question comes from Aaron who is up in Loudonville, a small rural farming town that is between two worlds in some ways.

Any thoughts for him? I grew up in and around DC, since then I've lived in suburban Columbus, so I'm not as familiar with the culture Aaron ministers in. Although, I'd say that due to media influences and the way they are confronted with the otherness of the world on a regular basis through media outlets that the kids are, "postmodern," because we as a nation are postmodern. I don't think it is a matter of choice - postmodernity is the era we are in, so by association the kids are postmodern. Perhaps the community isn't as progressive as others so there are still tendencies/perspectives which carry a more modern flavor.

Ok - so that thought was over generalized and could be shredded to pieces, but I think my idea comes across.

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samwise said...

aaron and i talked about this some today. and i'm not sure you over generalized...the reality is ...postmodernity is the era we are in, so by association the kids are postmodern. about as clear as it gets. but like the kingdom thing there is a huge tension...how to communicate so the Message is understood. that's the task.